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Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder: Adventure Awaits


Spot for ISAT Channel. Done at Injaus, creative department of Turner International. CREDITS DIEGO FERNANDEZ - Creative Director PAULO SANTONOCITO - Art Director GONZALO MENEVICHIAN - Animation FRANCISCO KITZBERGER - Modeling / Texturing / Lighting PABLO KERLLEÑEVICH (Bloka) - Animation / Modeling JULIAN MARTIN - Animation ALEJANDRO GRAZIANO - 2D Animation / 2D Drawing CAROLA NEBBIA - 2D Drawing MARTIN JUSTO - Sound Design LUCAS PERO - Script JULIO DI LISCIA - ...

Award : BRONZE BASSAWARDS 2012 (Best Young Talent) 3 fun, bright vibrant stings based around the morning routine. Final University project | Making of : Toolkit : Cinema 4D, After Effects, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator , Pencil & Paper. Sound Design: Audionerve

Sony Entertainment Television trusted on Playful to create nine fun bumpers to its new campaign "Sony es POP". Hope you enjoy it as much as we doing it! Music: Hank Levy - Whiplash used only for this reel and with no commercial purposes. Directed by Playful Production company: Plenty Art Director: Pablo Alfieri Executive Producer: Ines Palmas Producer: Cesar Morán Mazo Production Assistant: Alín Bosnoyan 2D Animation & edition: Macs Riedel 3D Simluation: Agustin El...

Monster Energy

Combination of Flash animation, After Effects / Photoshop texturing with a little bit of 3D thrown in for good measure. Credit to: Justin Lemmon: Character and shape animation in Flash, finishing touches in After Effects. Billy Chitkin: Scene texturing and compositing in Photoshop & After Effects, 3D rolling can in Maya. Steve Berry: Video footage and cleanup in After Effects & Nuke. Josh Jaques: Acting Song Credit : "Slay It" by Cryptex

More at Live demo at: Interactive webGL experience visualizing recorded Porsche GTS racing data to create a soundscape and an abstract visualization through lines and subtle silhouettes.

I'm super proud of how this little stop motion/cell animated spot turned out. Rarely does a project go this smoothly, in part thanks to a great staff of artists helping in all forms on this. Our initial pitch was broad in style, but a bunch of the compositions were reworked to fit this mix of photo and line illustration.

Bam! OFFF 2014 Teaser! on Vimeo