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윤두서 Yun Duseo 17세기

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Yun Duseo-Old Man Making Straw Shoes - Yun Du-seo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

진단타려도(陳摶墮驢圖) 윤두서,비단에채색, 111×68.9cm 국립중앙박물관 소장/ 나귀에서 떨어지는 진단선생/윤두서/ Painting of Chen Tuan Falling from a Dongkey

Yun Duseo-Women Picking Edible Plants - Yun Du-seo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"아, 배고파" (윤두서, 목기깎기)

Yun Du-seo: self-portrait (circa 1710). Yun Du-seo was a Korean painter, poet, composer, and scholar who argued for the modernization of Confucianism through the dialogue with Western ideas. This self-portrait is one the first Western-style portraits painted in Korea, and is often referred to as a masterpiece of Korean art.