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an office with three desks and two chairs in front of large windows that look out onto the street
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사무실 영감 | Abduzeedo 디자인 영감
an industrial office with glass walls and steel railings, along with plants on the desk
전체 분위기 참고. Str. 2a Mekhanizatorov Kiev, Ukraine Tel. +380688303675 +380678480504
some people sitting on couches in a room with wood floors and blackboard walls
Design Archives
wood, concrete, black and white
an office area with a desk, chair and laptop on the table in front of large windows
Industrial Office Studio
Industrial office studio on Behance
two people are walking down an office hallway
El primer centro comercial móvil
Boxpark | Galería de fotos 8 de 11 | GQ MX
two toilets sitting in the middle of a bathroom
Dark ceramic to create a modern bathroom. Krestovskiy de luxe. ____________ Темная керамика для создания современной ванной. Крестовский делюкс.
people are sitting in hammocks and using laptops inside an office building with green carpeted flooring
Office Slides? A Draft Beer Bar? Check Out These 6 Innovative (and Fun) Workspaces | Entrepreneur
Office Slides? A Draft Beer Bar? Check Out These 6 Innovative (and Fun) Workspaces
an office with blue and white walls and flooring
Fullscreen Offices - Los Angeles | Office Snapshots
Fullscreen Offices - Los Angeles - Office Snapshots
a room with blue walls and some white balls on the floor in front of it
A Tour of Fullscreen’s Super Cool Headquarters in Los Angeles
요즘 트렌드에 맞는 톤온톤이다 톤온톤을 사용하면 조화로우면서 뭔가 고급스러움이 느껴진다. 비슷한 톤으로 전체적인 색의 조화를 이루는 것도 좋은 아이디어
three people are sitting on couches in an office with glass partitions to the wall
Confidential Client 01 Buildings 3, 4, 20, 22, 23, 24 – Studio O+A
Studio O+A #huddle #collaboration More
a woman is sitting in a room with pink walls and white columns that have drawings on them
Inside the stunning new headquarters of a New York design startup that creates awesome spaces for tech companies and their execs
Creating various workspaces and conferences rooms was key.
an office is shown with pictures on the wall
Modelos de Decoração de Escritórios Corporativos: Guia Completo
Mires Ball Office // Not a fan of the color scheme but I like the layout... even though it might be a little closed off to the rest of your colleagues...
the instagram page on instagram shows an image of a person walking in front of a
CC Arquitectos links agriculture offices with water-filled patios
저런창문도좋지만 캐노피를달아 자동으로 열고닫을수있게끔해놓고 정기적으로 햇빛을받을수있게하면 좋을것같다 요즘아파트트렌드가 주차장대신 공원을 놓는방법으로많이하는데 그런곳에 공동화원같은것을 놓고 이런식으로 가꾸면 좋을것같다.
an office with people sitting at tables and talking to each other in the middle of the room
Inside Varonis’ Modern NYC Headquarters - Phase II
Varonis’ NYC HQ
an empty conference room with red chairs and a white board on the wall behind it
그들의 부러운 사무실, 외국에서 가장 인기있는 소셜 웹사이트 TOP 6, 그리고 그들의 오피스
돌스&규스 :: 그들의 부러운 사무실, 외국에서 가장 인기있는 소셜 웹사이트 TOP 6, 그리고 그들의 오피스