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Little piece of some work we just finished up! Check out the video! Direction & Design: RE:MADE Animation: Seth Eckert, Thiago Masci Sound: Sono Sanctus

네임드사다리 게임사이트【〃Vvvip77.COM〃가입코드: 6969 〃】-★매일첫충10추가매충5★사다리1.95/로하이1.95/좌출,우출1.93…

네임드사다리 게임사이트【〃Vvvip77.COM〃가입코드: 6969 〃】-★매일첫충10추가매충5★사다리1.95/로하이1.95/좌출,우출1.93…

1 I built some design concepts and animations for YouTube Gaming - the new video platform for streaming live content. These were meant to act as vignettes within a launch video to introduce the concept. In the end, they did not make it in the final launch video. This is an edit of some of the things worked on, compiling a mix of elements pushed to client as well as a majority of animation I just thought was neato to do after the fact. - The Pub - ...

Tant de Forets excerpt rev


Verizon Better Matters “Door”

Google Transit en la Ciudad de México

Directed By: Buck Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait Executive Producer: Anne Skopas Creative Direction: Thomas Schmid Art Director: Alex Mapar Producer: Katie Boote Design: Thomas Schmid, Alex Mapar, Laura Alejo, Justin Fines, Gareth O'Brien, Stephen Kelleher Animation Lead: Alex Mapar 2D Animation: Daniel Oeffinger, Chad Colby, Kyle Strope, Aaron Kemnitzer, Waleed Zaiter Cel Animation: Thomas Schmid, Tristan Balos, Ryan Frost, Ben Conkin, Kyle Mowat, Sean Lattrell 3D ...

Prudential "To Live the Longest"

Some people live longer than others. This ad for life insurance gives a couple reasons why so that we can all live longer. This film is part of a larger initiative for Prudential which helps people understand the mental and cultural challenges we face when we plan for our financial future,

dribbb: Ripple Sphere by Moran Goldstein