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Air purifier + Dehumidifier [Thor (APD-0513B)]

SUPER L 청정기[가습복합](ACL-V15)

Air Purifier Mimics the Benefits of Fresh Forest Air Inside the Home

Coway Air Purifier #productdesign #industrialdesign IQEGG Air Purifier | Red Dot 21

Muji Air Purifier by Kazushige Miyake

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Coway air purifiers and humidifiers with real pine scent. multifunctional with 4-stage filter system which removes fine dust, viruses and toxic gases, as well as with a humidity filter to moisturize and dry the air. Have eco-friendly active sterilization, fresh atmosphere of a forest, brought into your room through the release of antimicrobial Phytoncides - naturally sterilizing substances which are extracted from pines and cedars