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the words, these thick & moist m & m pudding cookies are soft, chewy, and packed with chocolate chips bakery - style
M&M Pudding Cookies
These thick & moist M&M Pudding Cookies are soft, chewy, and packed with chocolate chips. Bakery-style treats without the hassle of preparing pudding.
a desk and chair in front of a bulletin board
Amazing Classroom Reveal: Using a Cricut for Classroom Decor
an open book with the title organize your library block
Organize Your Literacy Block, Without the Headache
a plastic tray with scissors, pencils and markers
Classroom Supply Organization for Departmentalized Teachers
some paper chains hanging from a ceiling with words on them that say, caught ya'being good chain
Insanely EASY Classroom management strategy. I teach 3 Block classes, and each class is assigned a color, at the beginning of the year. So, I use their color to make the chain. I reward the class randomly, but regularly. They don’t know what they may get a chain for on a given day, but I give at least two opportunities. I do this over a two week period and the class with the longest chain gets a reward, like outside lunch. It definitely is motivating and it works!!
a black and white photo with the words organization in a departmentized classroom on it
Organization in a Departmentalized Classroom: A Bright Idea
Here is a really helpful post on classroom organization. Lots of photos!
there are notebooks and pencils on the table next to each other with an eraser
5 Reasons Why You Should Departmentalize in Upper Elementary
My blog post describes five reasons why departmentalization benefits kids and students in upper-elementary grades!
four different times and numbers on a black background with green text that reads 4 challenges of departmenting in upper elementary
4 Challenges of Departmentalizing in Elementary
I loved departmentalizing when I taught 5th grade, but there are some challenges you will have to prepare for. My blog post describes 4 challenges and how you can prepare for them.
a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it's sides and writing on the back
One of my favorite things is decorating a classroom! Maybe because we spend 8+ hours a day there. Sneak peak from my sisters room that we set up last week. She displays her expectations for the first few minutes of class along with her objective, agenda, etc. Link in IG profile. #BestClassroomEver
a bulletin board with scissors and post it notes attached to it that says, create a spot for make - up work papers to re - do and other papers to hand back to each class
Classroom Supply Organization for Departmentalized Teachers