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an assortment of different colored boxes are shown in multiple rows, with one box open and the other closed
Print Design, Posters, and Brochure Layouts image inspiration on Designspiration
Interesting multi fold poster brochure – nifty idea for revealing designs
the steps to make an origami book with green paper and white sheets on it
What's Happening at Foldfactory
The 3-Panel Cascading Accordion features the classic zig-zag format of an…
how to make an origami fish out of paper
Tulip Fold - Foldfactory
The Tulip fold is a truly artistic specialty format that can be modified in many ways to create different opening experiences. The beautiful reveal of the tulip fold is achieved by adding diagonal folds across selected panels, which forces the panels to collapse inward. When opened, the panels reveal in a flower-like manner (hence, the tulip moniker). Uses: #SpecialEvents #Self-Promotion #GreetingCards #Marketing #DirectMail
the steps to make an origami box out of yellow paper and glues
Meandering Accordion Fold - Foldfactory
The Meandering Accordion is a fun and playful accordion format that changes direction 180 degrees as it goes from start to finish. The panels begin in one direction, zig-zagging back and forth until they reach a fold that pivots and sends the panels back the other way.Uses: #Promotion #SpecialEvents #Invitations
how to fold an origami heart out of paper - step by step instructions
Square Petal Fold | Print Pocket Fold Envelopes
The Petal Fold’s lineage is in the Cross category, however the locking panels of the cover secures its position as a wrap. Delicate, curved panels weave together for a flower-like reveal and an interior made for square or shaped inserts. This format is commonly embellished with a custom seal or belly band as a finishing touch. A beautiful design for that #specialevent #invitation
an assortment of different colored papers on top of each other
Stationery, Taccuini, Penne, Blocchi, Borse | Write Sketch &
Write Sketch & | Super! Pocket Notebooks on Behance
the hands are holding some folded up papers
Pop-Up Brochure for CCIS
Pop-Up Brochure / 2011 on Behance
the steps to make an origami boat out of paper and construction material, with text overlay
Twist | Creative Mailers | Unique Folds for Direct Mail
The Twist Fold uses a series of perpendicular folds to “twist” a large square sheet down to a compact folded package. The reveal is exceptional. Great for wedding and event invitations! Get a folded sample and dieline here:
the steps to make an origami boat out of paper
The fun, twisting movement locks the cover closed, however opening a twist fold is fluid and requires very little effort. This creative, pinwheel-shaped format is great as-is, and even better with square or fancy-shaped insert cards placed inside. Great for: #special events #promotions #invitations
three different views of the inside of a white box with brown paper on it and an open lid