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Straw for single and couple: The Heungbu couple and Nolbu couple ordered coke in McDonald’s. The straws look very strange. Heungbu shared the drink with his wife by using the straw in the shape of Y while Nolbu drank it all by himself by putting the straw in the opposite way. After that, Nolbu got divorced.

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Distracting thoughts protection notebook: The middle/high school students’ creativity is blooming in the corner of a note book during class. Even though it is a notebook for regarding this, I hope that you refuse and ignore this. It is because I think that a wild flower that is blooming in the neglected space is the most wonderful.

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Hard rocking chair: rocking chair is a safe and comfortable chair that is shaking back and forth. This is the extremely rocking chair with great revolving range.

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Chopstick for masochist.

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Lock that is hard to give a name: It reminds me of a certain adult product, but I will not tell you what it is.

Nail that doesn’t like to be struck: It must be so bad!

Clo ck: If you put an time-clock in your room and put a minute-clock in your lover’s room, it is possible to have cute conversation when there is no subject to talk about. “Honey, do you know what time it is? I will tell you what minute it is now if you tell me what time it is. It is easy to guess what time it is.”, “Four o’clock?”, “Ding dong, you have such great time sense”, etc.

Spoon for the last mouthful: By stimulating the desire of users who like to check the functions of a product, they eat the food in front of them to the end. In a blind date, you can justify your gluttony by saying that this can largely reduce the food waste. If the person doesn’t seem to feel sympathy with your gluttony, then let’s show it.

Spoon for yogurt: You probably have felt bad for yogurt left in the corners. Drinking the last sip of seolleongtang is as same as you feel bad for the small amount of yogurt left. If you get the answer saying that “I don’t feel bad”, it means that the person does not like your appearance.

Coup d’état: Rebellion by nails who were fed up with being struck. When thinking of numerous brothers who have disappeared into cement and lumbers by roughly swinging hammerheads, iron tears flow, but nails kept their cool. Owing to it, they were able to continue meetings without being caught by a hammer in another side of a toolbox and finally they reached a conclusion that the real bad guy was the grip and it would be convenient to attack.

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