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Cultural Heritage of Korea

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By Seung-eop Jang(장승업), Museum of Seoul National University


Golden crown of the Uiseong region, The National Museum of Daegu, South Korea


A Suit of armor during the Abdok Kingdom(압독국), The National Museum of Daegu, South Korea


Tae'an Buddha Triad(태안마애삼존불), carved on a rock surface. believed to date from 5~7 century.


Horse-shaped earthenware excavated from Maro fortress. These are believed to be sacrafices to pray rainfall in the Joseon dynasty. the horse didn't have their head which means they were decapitated. but the horses on display have their head because the museum assembled them back again. Decapitating a horse conducted when people held rites as a sacrifice.

Replica of a stone well built in the Maro fortress

The understructures of dolmens in Korea

Bokcheon Museum Gaya warrior

The place where women would clean laundries and get water from, which is located in shuncheon, southernwest of the Koean peninsula. it had practically been used during the Joseon dynasty

Restored ancient houses of Bronze Age of Korea