Gyeongbokgung pavilion in spring, Seoul, South Korea | 서울시 | by eTips Travel Apps

The pavilion in the National Museum of Korea!

Korean New Year, also called Lunar New Year or Seol-Nal, is a three-day celebration filled with festivities, colorful decor and rich traditions. On the Lunar New Year, Koreans of all ages gather to ...

hanbok, Korean traditional bridal gown-

Light At The End by Bobby McLeod. Jongmyo Shrine, Seoul.

Namganjeongsa, Uam Historical Park Daejeon, Korea April 2014

Sarira Reliquary. Unified Silla, 8th century h. = 15.9 cm (6.25 in) Daegu National Museum. This reliquary was found inside the five-story pagoda at Songnimsa. It consists of a green glass bottle inside a green glass cup inside a gilt-bronze pavilion. The sarira were placed inside the bottle

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