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With NEXTFLOAT (PONTOON), it can be applied to used its base for floating structure such as house, cafeteria, office and others. 넥스트플로트를 이용하여 설치된 수상구조물로 수상카페, 수상펜션등 여러 구조물를 적용하실수 있습니다.
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태국에 설치된 해상등대입니다. Floating light house in Thailand which can be customized size from Next Co., Ltd. #NEXTFLOAT #lighthouse #pontoons

서울 잠실에 위치한 #오옌레스토랑 의 계류장입니다. It is a mooring located in Jamsil, Seoul, which #Oyen restaurants. #NEXTFLOAT #floating platform #pontoon

Incheon Domestic Ferry Terminal (인천항 연안여객선터미널)

This is a floating house applied during International Boat Show in Korea. With our nextflaot, you will be able to use any kinds of platform. 국제보트쇼 당시 설치된 수상펜션으로 모든 구조물을 올릴 수 있는 특징을 가지고 있습니다.

U·square (유스퀘어)

This is a floating cafeterial located in Ulsan, Korea. NEXT FLOAT has been applied for its based on the water. 울산에 설치된 수상카페테리아로써 구조물을 띄우기 위해 넥스트플로트가 적용된 사례입니다.

Gyeongsan Service Area - Seoul-bound (경산휴게소 서울방향)

NEXT FLOAT on the sculptural balloon. 넥스트플로트위에 설치된 공기구조물 입니다.


This has been applied as NEW YEAR's festival in Vietnam, which used as party room for the celebrities. 베트남에 설치된 수상구조물로 넥스트플로트를 이용하여 만든 행사장입니다.

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