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Activated Charcoal

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Natural antibiotics that can help ease minor tooth, throat, sinus and UTI infections plus tummy bugs, chest coughs and worms. These naturally antibiotic herbs and plants can be simply added to natural homemade remedies to help reduce antibiotic resistance. #naturalantibiotics #naturalremedies #sorethroat #toothinfection #sinusinfection

Antibiotic Herbs and Plants

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All parents know diaper rash requires immediate attention! We want to bring fast healing and relief, right away. Of course there are lots of commercial options to choose from. But, those contain unnatural ingredients like petroleum based oils that actually promote inflammation, as well as other nasty things. Heal it quickly with the best DIY diaper rash cream recipe. It uses a powerful secret ingredient: grass fed tallow. The best part? You can make it at home!

Babies and Children

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Lemon balm is a highly medicinal healing herb with many uses and benefits. Learn how to make a lemon balm DIY herbal tincture to use as herbal medicine! It's one the easiest herbalism for beginners herbal remedies you'll make this summer!


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Fermented beets are one of our favorite probiotic foods. With this fermented beets recipe, you get the best of both worlds: delicious pickled beets flavor with probiotic benefits. Fermented foods have so many benefits to the human body. Beets are powerhouses of nutrition and enjoying them fermented improves your gut health. Win, Win!
In the Build A Guild, LLC, family, we've used the leftover water from cooking beets as a liquid food dye to get a nice, bright pink in icing. We even store it in the freezer so we can use it during the winter holidays. Over at, Tracy has a good article about using powdered beetroot for food and cosmetic purposes.


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Body Butter

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Take a step towards nature-inspired skincare with our DIY calendula face cream. Designed to rejuvenate, it is a prime example of DIY Natural Products at its best. The formula harnesses the healing prowess of calendula cream benefits for skin, ensuring a radiant glow. Infused with the goodness of calendula infused oil, this cream is a perfect initiation into herbalism for beginners and an essential for those familiar with herbs for health.


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Make your own orange oil out of old peels and save big money!


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Cleaning Vinegars

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Cold and Flu

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Interested in tapping into the powers of medicinal flowers? Our calendula cream recipe offers a soothing touch, embodying the essence of Homemade Skin Care. It's more than just a cream; it's an experience, harnessing calendula infused oil to nourish and heal. Join the journey of herbalism for beginners and unlock the potential of healing herbal infusions.
The Ultimate Anti-Itch Cream


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Dive into Dandelion Uses & Recipe within our Herbs for Health category. This guide showcases the multifaceted uses of dandelions in homemade skin care, offering a natural, effective salve recipe. Ideal for enthusiasts of DIY natural products and herbal medicine. Visit for more insights on medicinal flowers and DIY body care.
Foraging for the wild edible plant dandelion is easy and fun! Wondering about the health benefit of dandelion roots, greens, and flowers? There are so many! Learn how to make and use all kinds of edible flower recipes for making dandelion tea (a delicious detox drink), dandelion mead (fermented honey wine), jelly, dandelion infused oil and vinegar, salad, soap, dandelion salve, and so many more easy food and drink recipes.


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Ever thought about trying a homemade deodorant that's designed with sensitive skin in mind? You can make it with or without baking soda and it’s enriched with beeswax and coconut oil. If you're seeking a potent solution to combat body odor, this all-natural DIY recipe is definitely a must-try! It's an effective deodorant that really works. Plus, the soothing scent of lavender sage makes it even more loveable.
This easy homemade deodorant designed especially for sensitive skin! The choice of adding baking soda is yours, while the beeswax and coconut oil assure a natural and gentle base. If you're in the market for a powerful body odor remedy, this one takes the cake. It's a DIY body care recipe that guarantees results. Dive into this all-natural, wonderfully effective deodorant with a lovely lavender sage aroma.


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Drying Flowers and Herbs

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How to Eat Lilacs (and Other Ways to Use Them)


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What are eggshells made of? Why are they the best way to get your calcium? And find out how to make your very own calcium powder using eggshells. It's super inexpensive, easy, and useful for many things. Plus---why you need to take and use calcium powder in your life.

Egg Shells

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Make a journey into herbal medicine with this simple elderberry syrup recipe. Using only 3 ingredients, create homemade elderberry syrup that's packed with benefits. Whether you're a seasoned herbalist or exploring herbalism for beginners, this recipe will add a natural remedy to your health arsenal.
DIY Immune Stimulating Elderberry Gummies for Valentine's Day | Herbal Academy | These elderberry gummies are not only delicious but will provide immune-stimulating support for your loved ones!
Make fermented elderberry honey this fall/winter to help boost your immune system during cold and flu season. Use wild foraged elderberries and raw, local honey to make this great tasting herbal remedy!

Elderberries and flowers

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Essential Oil Perfume: A DIY Gift Idea | Herbal Academy | The memories attached to scents can be crafted and bottled up...and giving an essential oil perfume to someone will make a memorable holiday.
Our top 10 Essential Oils & how to use them! With some bonus Winter diffuser blends.

Essential Oils

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Facial Care

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Learn how to ferment garlic in honey with our tips for Long Term Food Storage. The potent combination serves as both a culinary delight and a health booster, especially during fall and winter.
Harness the power of Raw Honey Recipes with our Fermented Honey Garlic recipe. A perfect remedy to boost your immune system this fall and winter. Learn about garlic's medicinal uses and its synergy with honey.


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Foot Care

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