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the words unique names that mean machine are in front of an image of a typewriter
Unique Names That Mean Machine - Over 100 Ideas
If you’re looking for a techie name for your baby or for your curious pets who love to play with your gadgets, this list of names that mean machine is for you!
a woman laying in bed under a blanket with the words, unique names that mean sleep
36 Names That Mean Sleep or Rest
Have a break and find solace within these names that mean sleep or rest. You're sure to find some you'll like (if not all!).
a wine glass with the words 32 unique names that mean illusion in front of it
32 Unique Names That Mean Illusion For Boys and Girls
Are you looking for names that imply fantasy, dreamy visions and magic? There is no deceiving- discover 32 names that mean illusion from our name collection.
the 50 unique names that mean dawn
50 Names That Mean Dawn (Great Ideas For Boys and Girls)
Mornings are linked to images of beauty and the idea of new beginnings. Check out these 50 bright ideas for names that mean dawn!
a painting on the side of a building that says, hironu discovering all 32 names that mean illusion
Names That Mean Illusion
Hiromu is a Japanese name that has multiple meanings including "illusionary". Discover more names that mean illusion and a bit of their background in our list!
red roses with the words 85 unique names that mean red
85 Unique and Fiery Names That Mean Red
Red is one of the most exciting colors with a lot of undertones for emotions. Here are some fiery ideas for names that mean red!
the poster for 40 unique names that mean forgotten
40+ Names That Mean Forgotten
Check out some options for names that mean forgotten, including a bit of history behind each of them!
two children wearing masks with the words, unique names that mean savor
24 Unique Names That Mean Savior
Looking for names that mean savior? This name guide is to the rescue!
an image with the words, unique names that mean soul in front of clouds and sunbursts
81 Unique Names That Mean Soul
We're listing down name options filled with spirit! Here are 80+ great ideas for names that mean soul.
a poster with the words unique names that mean smart in front of an owl's head
49 Names That Mean Smart, Knowledge, Wise, and Intelligent
Are you trying to find a powerful and meaningful name for a child, pet, or character in a book and want one with a deep meaning like wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge? We collected over 40 different names from a variety of different cultural sources, including ancient myths and modern languages from around the world.
the number 377 unique names that mean destroyerer is in front of a pile of rubble
37 Names That Mean Destroyer
Rampage through our list of great ideas for names that mean destroyer for boys and girls!
a poster with the names of many different children's names in black and white
258 Unique Names Similar To Martin
We gathered 258 names similar to Martin in this whopping name guide for girls and boys!
an advertisement for the 60th anniversary celebration of various people in space, including stars and clouds
Names That Mean Sky - 60 Great Ideas for Boys and Girls
The sky has been captivating people since the beginning of time. Let's look at 60 unique names that mean sky!
an image of medals with the words 60 unique names that mean memorable
Names That Mean Honorable – 60 Great Ideas For Boys And Girls
If you want to name your child for noble traits such as intelligence, kindness, and strength, then look at these 60 baby names meaning honorable.
a wooden table topped with a judge's gavel next to a sign that reads 61 unique names that mean justice
Names That Mean Justice For Boys and Girls
If you want to inspire the virtue of being just in your child, why not name him/her justice? Discover 61 names that mean justice for boys and girls!