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two bald men are kissing each other with bubbles in their mouths as if they were kissing
three green leaf shapes are shown on the ground, with one being cut in half
a cat's face is shown in the grass with a green border around it
Alternative Photography
an advertisement for a table and chairs with the number two on it
u ruined the 1975
a man standing on the beach in front of an ocean with a light blue figure
a computer screen shot of the ocean and sand dunes
an electric pole with drawings on it and power lines in the foreground, against a blue sky
there are two trees in the middle of some rocks and ice on the water's edge
some clouds are in the sky and one is flying through the air with water droplets on it
an aurora bore is seen in the sky above some snow covered ground and clouds with bright green lights
Films, Winter, Fireworks, Film, Far Away, Winter Landscape
a drawing of a girl with her dog