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a white box with blue and white designs on it
the number seven is mounted to the wall
| Work | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟
LIFE CLINIC 蓼科 | Works | Kishino Shogo(6D)-木住野彰悟
the corner of a window with numbers on it
Dark Side of Typography
thisiscommonground: Jaemin LeeBrand identity for ROUND ABOUT...
three black and white posters with the numbers two, one is in front of an arrow
Nasjonalmuseet – The National Museum - Metric (en)
Nasjonalmuseet by Metric. #branding #design #museum
a sign that is on the side of a wall
SomeOne Creates Identity for New Co-Working Brand, 'Fora' -
SomeOne Creates Identity for New Co-Working Brand, ‘Fora’
the numbers on the wall are clearly visible for us to see
stairs leading up to the top level of a building with black walls and metal railings
Gallery of Innovation Center 2.0 / SCOPE Architekten - 30
Innovation Center 2.0,© Zooey Braun
two staircases leading up to the second floor with yellow and blue paint on them
Gallery of Birmingham Ormiston Academy / Nicholas Hare Architects - 6
화이트벽면과 팝컬러벽면과의 콤비네이션
two men walking in front of a wall mockup
Wall PSD Mockup
Wall PSD Mockup — #free #freebie #mockup #psd #photoshop #identity #branding #photo #wall #design #wayfinding #sign #project #download
an exit sign is shown on the wall next to some stairs in a white room
Museum of Russian Impressionism — Chemeris Polina
Museum of Russian Impressionism Signage System — CHEMERIS POLINA