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an image of a man looking up at the sky with words written in different languages
Sachchi jaan mat aayyo sorry but have allah chahe ge tabaj apre bat karege byy
two people holding hands and walking on the beach at night with an inspirational quote about love
Mere bi dekh na he 👰jaan somvar ku raja he meri kalas jaygi te time par aavga me bas jaan mere milna he jaan passe dekhna he jaan love you jaan 🐻 ok 👰😘🐻😘
an image of a man and woman kissing in front of a sign that reads,'tum two dua ho is like mangoy k baad yeh
Dar lagtay mije jaan me tamari j hu 😘🐻❤
a man standing in front of a window with the words baarsh let amam on it
Baarish Lete Aana - Official Video | Darshan Raval | Naushad Khan
an image of a woman holding something in her hand with the caption'teri yaadon sehi zindaga mein mein mein mein hai hai hai hai hai hai hai
... ha ashuu par tamoku mere dekhna he
an image of a man with a quote on it
Mere dekhna he ni aavna kayni😣😟😦👰👀🐻❤ Killer Quote, Urdu Thoughts, Love Hurts, Cute Stories, Heart Quotes
Mere dekhna he ni aavna kayni😣😟😦👰👀🐻❤
a man and woman hugging each other with the caption that reads, tum haso to kushi mujhe hot hai hai
Tum rutho to ankhe meri roti hai
love you hamesa khus raho wohi hoga jo allah ko manzur hoga sorrrryyyyyy😔😢😘😙🐻
a man helping a woman put on her hair with the caption in front of it
Zindagi adhuri he tere didar ke bina