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an image of a landscape with clouds and water in the foreground, as if it were floating or floating on land
a painting of a snow covered yard with a lamp post and tree in the foreground
Just a moment...
Rob Gonsalves Magic Realism Illusions | Mighty Optical Illusions
three people are floating on the water near two boats and one man is jumping into the water
Gediminas Pranckevičius
children playing with puzzle pieces in front of a large house on the floor that looks like it has been painted
Rob Gonsalves - Jigsaw House
an artist's rendering of a library filled with books
ilusoes_5_Biblioteca Diferente
For the library, every book opens a door to another land
an image of a book shelf floating in the air with books on it's sides
Welcome to official site of Jacek Yerka, painter of fantasy worlds
Valley of Knowledge - Jacek Yerka
a woman laying on the ground in front of an open window with sky and clouds
Stunning Abstract Illustrations Of Cyril Rolando
Cyril Rolando is a digital painter from France and admires the universe of Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. Starting using only an art website called Oekaki and his computer mouse, he spent two months experimenting with and mastering digital painting techniques. He then realized that if he wanted to continue to evolve as an artist, …
a painting of people standing in front of a lake with houses and boats on it
Mind Blowing – theCHIVE
Surrealistic paintings by Rob Gonsalves
a painting of two people sitting on a couch in front of an ocean view with birds flying over the water
33 Mind-Twisting Paintings That Will Mess With You! -DesignBump
These wonderful, head-twisting delusions are interesting, complicated, profound and cause the audience to swing between conclusions about where the bounds cloud and of realism and fantasy collide.
a painting of a boy sitting at a table with books in front of him and the sky behind him
an open book case filled with lots of books next to a couple of small pieces of paper
NPR Books
Miniature library in a book - Todd Pattison
a painting of a girl holding an open book in front of her face and flying birds above her head
Woman in white, blowing letters off page of book by Leslie Balleweg
an open book with a person flying a kite
Fabulous Artworks by Jeannette Woitzik
I like to use surreal photos and art like these as picture writing prompts. They get some interesting stories out of kids!
a person standing in front of two green doors
Crazy and surreal artworks and animations by Russian artist Andrey Kasay
Crazy and surreal artworks and animations by Russian artist Andrey Kasay | Creative Boom