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constrained visual language

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The top of this poster is two man having a fight and their word like a competition which want to beat each other.

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The black marks on the dog look like is its mark but actually not. These are footprint by human which mean people bully on dogs. Also, the dog seems very sad as its head is looking down.

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This is a hourglass. The feature of hourglass is the top part fall to lower part. In this poster, The tress are falling to become skyscraper which mean by damaging the nature to build the city.

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In this poster, there are three animals and the size of them getting bigger and bigger. It represent food chain. The smallest eaten by the middle one and the middle on eaten by the biggest one.

The cigarette look like a gun. This mean smoking kill. Smoking like suicide as both of them are damage to the body.

In this poster, the earth with a candle inside and the surroundings is melting which show the problem of global warming is getting worst.

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This image is Constrained Visual Language. This is a headphone which made from two man. The ear parts of the headphone are the man's head which mean they are talking next to your ear. It want to express the idea that the sound from this headphone as real as a man talking next to your ears