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Glamour Absolute Vintage Font by Nicky Laatz
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Helping my clients create fun, flexibile brands that give them clarity into their business.
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Be. Powerpoint Presentation
Be. Powerpoint Presentation Template. Download here: https://graphicriver.net/item/be-powerpoint-presentation/17026475?ref=ksioks
the guide to ux design process and documentation
Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation [UX Pin]
The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation A Master Collection Of Frameworks, Examples, And Expert Opinions At Every Stage. The process and byproducts of building great products quickly and thoroughly as researched across the web and practiced by industry leaders.
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The Intersection of Human and Organizational Innovation Capabilities
Analytical thinkers focus almost exclusively on generating reliability. In contrast, intuitive thinkers tend to focus on validity – the production of a desired outcome, whether or not it is consistent or replicable. This makes analytical thinkers more appropriate for incremental innovation, while intuitive thinkers tend to be more suited for radical innovation. Balancing both allows for exploiting existing business and creating new opportunities. That’s defined as Design Thinking. #albertobokos
a diagram that shows how to use the hexagonal model for an art project
A design thinker’s cheat sheet #albertobokos
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The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs [Infographic]
Steve Jobs is a true genius. His design principals are both inspirational and amazing.
a diagram showing the different stages in which people can learn to be successful and accomplish
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Design Thinking Process Curve
the vennuous diagram shows how technology is used to design and deliver information for businesses
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