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a painting of a bathtub with flowers and plants in it
Flora Waycott - Lilla Rogers
a painting of a room with a desk, chair and cat on the rug in front of it
Becca Stadtlander
two cats sleeping on top of a pink pillow next to each other in a drawing
a woman sitting in a yellow chair with a book on her lap, surrounded by bookshelves
a white cat with pink ears looking out from behind a black piece of paper on the wall
yutaka murakami _yu.ta.ka_ watercolor cats painting #yutakamurakami #watercolor
yutaka murakami _yu.ta.ka_ watercolor cats painting #yutakamurakami #watercolor
a painting of a woman with glasses holding a dog in front of a mosaic wall
Illustrated Ladies by Chloé Joyce
a painting of a woman sitting at a table with an orange cat and potted plant
"Botanical Scenes" de Bodil Jane
a woman laying in bed reading a book next to a cat and potted plant
a cat laying on top of a person's hand holding a pen and paper
a drawing of a living room filled with furniture
Jane Bodil
a cat sitting on top of a potted plant with green leaves around it's edges