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a stuffed animal with green and white stripes on it's face, standing in front of a black and white striped wall
Souris, doudou, doudou, fichier de broderie, motif de broderie/motif de broderie, 18x28 18x30/20x28 - Etsy France
a stuffed koala bear is shown with the words koala william in front of it
Stickdatei ITH Koala
Sticktier, ITH Stickdatei Koala für die Stickmaschine
a brown teddy bear with a red bib and pink flower on the floor next to it
ith stickmotiv schnuffeltuch Bär -
a green frog sitting on top of a blue and white checkered table cloth
Stickdatei Fridolin Frosch 13x18 Doodle Frösche -
a close up of a stuffed animal on a pillow
Stickdatei - "Megapack Drache Drago" 10x10, 13x18, 16x26, 18x30 - Stuff-Deluxe