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two printable worksheets with the words onomatopia and pop written on them
Poetry Writing Unit for Primary Grades — Keeping My Kiddo Busy
FREEBIE Figurative Language Mini Book - perfect for your poetry unit in kindergarten or first grade - free simile - personification - hyperbole - alliteration - onomatopoeia and MORE - teach your students how to write poems #poetry #kindergarten #firstgrade #figurativelanguage
alice in the wonderland shape poetry activity for kids to practice their handwriting and writing skills
Alice in the Wonderland Shape Poetry Activity | Imagine Forest
Alice in the wonderland shape poetry writing activity imagine forest
a yellow pencil with the words how to teach poetry writing in 4 easy lessons on it
Get Outstanding Poetry from Kids With 4 Simple Skills
How to Teach Poetry Writing in 4 Easy Lessons, especially designed for elementary teachers
the spring shower worksheet with three markers on it and two pens in front of it
Poem of the Week Activities Plus a FREEBIE!
Check out these poem of the week activities for first, second and third grade. Tons of original poetry with a variety of activities to help build fluency and comprehension. Check out the free poem with activities. These are great for poetry stations, lite
a poem with the words read a poem on it
10 Tips To Effectively Teach Poetry
10 tips to effectively teach poetry in upper elementary. Mrs Renz Class
several children's chairs with caution tape taped around them
Account Suspended
Making Inferences- Activities and Lesson Ideas teaching students to make inferences
a bulletin board with words that say shades of meaning and some sort of word in the middle
Riley Powers's #830 Image Results
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a poster with some writing on it
Here is a reference anchor chart all in the uses of commas. Commas can be very confusing when it comes to where and when. This chart will help students get a better understanding of how commas work.
two posters on the wall that say you're your pizza
This may be my all time favorite anchor chart! I think @miss5th broke it down perfectly! #iknowsomeadultswhoneedthistoo #grammar #repost
free printable spelling dictionary for kids
- Mom For All Seasons
*FREE* Printable Spelling Dictionary
three snowman activities to teach students about how to build a snowman in the winter
Sailing Through First
How To Instructional Writing - Sailing Through First
an animated short is shown with the title teaching infernce with animated shorts,
Using Animated Shorts to Teach Inference - Book Units Teacher
Free Printables to Use with Animated Shorts (Inference)