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my illust

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It's my painting and drawing(illustration). My blog is ""

starbucks cupholder doodling,pen(2015)

AOA Seolhyun, Autodesk Sketchbook

Gwangan Bridge(2016), 광안대교, marker and pen.

Happy new year(2016),pen and watercolor.

Gentle breeze(2015),watercolor. When I was a middle-school student, I was usually listening the music while waiting for bus. The atmosphere was warm, gently breeze and sky turned red. Those 10minutes were special time for me. I still remember the moment by all my senses.

"Peace be with you!"(2015). Whenever I met the end of the year, I went to the church to wish something special about next year. And I forgot until end of the year. But I met the end of the year again, I felt appreciate all of them at that time.Happy new year!

Bookmark(2015) I made a bookmark. It is not special and it is easy to make.You can make small something what you need!

"Flying deep into the night"(2015),watercolor,pen,oil color. When I fall asleep, I can be lost in my memories.There is special tree which is same color as milky way. I always remember and miss something special moments. Among lots of the time,the best time is when I lived in Busan. Actually nowadays Busan has been changed than before. But..I don't know why I like Busan exactly. I jut can say like that, "Busan is the special place for me because I can get good subject in there."

"How she feels at the sky?"(2015),watercolor. I came up with if I go to the sky and then see everywhere.There can be blue sky and blue sea.But I want to feel "warm". So I painted the cloud pink and purple color. And the idea is also motivated by "Jack and the bean stalk".If you are go to the sky, how you feel about that situation?:-)