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the words rich in, rich in, and rich in love are displayed on a white background
Love always XOXO
the 12 different personality archetys book cover with text in black on white background
The 12 Personality Archetypes: Which One Dominates You?
The 12 Personality Archetypes: Which One Dominates You?
five characters who should be in your story infographical poster - click to enlarge
8 ½ Character Archetypes You Should Be Writing
5 Characters Who Should Be in Your Story Infographic // I mostly like this, although I do rather object to the fact that the 'love interest' is the only female shown. :p
the spanish version of ficha de personae is shown in pink and grey colors
La mejor ficha de personaje
a yellow and white poster with the words 31 dias, 31 microelelatos
5 Retos de Escritura para Crear el Hábito de Escribir » Gisela Brito
an open book with some writing on the pages and in spanish, it is black and white
a quote that says, my dream would be complete without you and it is written in bright
26 Trendy Quotes Disney Cute Thoughts
a man sitting at a table in front of a book shelf
"But to make yourself feel nothing so as not to feel anything, what a waste."
three books stacked on top of each other next to a white bowl and photo frame
Take A Peek Inside Sara Mueller’s Pretty Pink Home
the 25 most active books of the last 25 years are available for purchase on amazon
The Most Addictive Books of the Last 25 Years
the classic book challenge checklist is shown in blue with white writing and black ink
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