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an advertisement for a festival with people playing and dancing in the tent, surrounded by plants
艺术中学招生海报 Poster of Art Middle School
an image of different colored lines in the shape of circles and shapes that appear to be made
‎Connecting to Apple Podcasts
IBM Smarter Planet | The col­lab­o­ra­tion between Office and Ogilvy & Mather resulted in a series of bright, bold icons that have been used bill­boards, adver­tise­ments, posters and more both nation­ally and internationally.. If you're a user experience professional, listen to The UX Blog Podcast on iTunes.
a woman's face with books stacked on her head and the words life, arts, culture read beyond the expected
Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide
Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide
a bottle of fanta orange juice on an orange background with green leaves and flowers
10 killer examples of illustrated ad campaigns
Fanta Mashup by Owen Gildersleeve
a poster with the words, you are a tiny part of an enormous whole circle
Do Your Part
Not exactly an infographic, but in the spirit one one, and nicely done. —A.T. ~ cdryan
an umbrella with city lights in the background and a crescent moon on it's side
Top Graphic Design Trends 2018: The Ultimate Guide
Learn what's hot in graphic design world 2018, as well as what to avoid. This guide will help you stay up to date with the latest graphic design trends 2018
an array of different types of tape recorders in various colors and sizes, with the same
an image of a woman peeking out from behind a pink and black striped wall with her hair blowing in the wind
rené gruau 1909-2004
an image of a person flying through the air with trees and clouds in the background
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an image of birds flying over the top of a spiral staircase in green and white
Doodle Everyday 349: Unzip
an image of the great wave off kanji island in japan on instagrams
Uprisings poster
Uprisings poster
an image of a wave with birds flying around it
Graffiti idée
an illustration of a bottle with a castle in it
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TENNO: Illustration of November from the illustrated calendar commissioned by Graffiti2000 based on the most wonderful places located in the northern Garda lake. Art direction: Francesco Della Torre - Graffiti2000 #parfum #bottle #italy #gardalake #tenno #lake #water #kayak #autumn