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an anime character standing in front of a refrigerator with the caption freeze cool it
I have no explanation for this.
a cartoon character is being handed by someone's hand over her head with a bottle
an anime character with long black hair and blue eyes
an animated image of a dog running in the grass with caption that reads hey girlie breakdancs
two anime characters are looking at each other
a cartoon character is sitting on the edge of a bathtub with his hands in his pockets
emo xiao
an anime character riding a bike next to the ocean
an anime character with long black hair wearing a green and brown outfit, standing on the ground
an animated image of a person sitting in front of a podium with his hand on his head
a cartoon character with an evil look on his face
Scara malvado
an anime character with black hair and green eyes, wearing a cat ears outfit while sitting down
kazuha + xiao (2/2)
two people with different expressions and one is holding his hand out to the other person
moca - semi hiatus on Twitter
two anime characters standing next to each other
Avatar, Profile Picture, Gatos, Resim, Emo Kid, Akaashi Keiji, Fotos
Genshin Impact・Wanderer