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two cartoon characters hugging each other with caption that reads, it was so funny that argos was like death to all humans except my couch's girlfriend, she can stay
"She can stay" not mine
the words when the homework face time turns into gossp facetime on it
˙𓏲⋆ ִֶָ ๋𓂃 ⋆Mine, Pls DON'T repost!
an electric guitar with the words i need a cute nerdy boy who is respectful to women and dressed with me
like where are they??
guitar People, Guitars, Songs, Music, Guitar Boy, Musica, Dream Guy
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to bookshelves with the words boys don't start drama go to a history class
Draw, Art, Wink, Random, Bts Facts, Idk
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