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Can you believe this dress is made from rubber gloves?

GlovEasy® Cleaning Glove Sponge Finger Scrub Scouring Pads all-in-one for Home Kitchen Durable Rubber/Latex Powder-Free Disposable Multi-Use - Reduces Bacteria & Germs - New Patented Technology

Glovies Multipurpose LATEX-FREE DISPOSABLE Gloves for Kids (100 Count)

LATEX-FREE gLovies 100 Count Multipurpose DISPOSABLE Gloves for Kids

The Difference Between Disposable Exam Gloves

How to remove disposable gloves to avoid contamination from @OBASUK

Safe Cut Glove - preventing reuse of gloves Designers: Park Bomin, Jung Sumi & Chu Yeunho

Just rip them! Reuse of surgical cloves is strictly prohibited and yet we see many indulge in this malpractice. The only way to ensure