First Fashion Show Nora Noh , Seoul, Korea 1956 Photographer Kim Suk Bae

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The Nora Collection, Cho Duck Hyun.

Nora Noh - endless pattern making

South Korea’s first fashion show (designer Nora Noh) at Bando Hotel in 1956

Black Floral Dress by Nora Noh

Cho Duck Hyun, 2008, The Nora Collection, based on Nora Noh who left Korea for the US at 19. "She later returned to Korea as a successful fashion designer and introduced western glamour and contemporary trends to the Korean society. According to Cho, this project is 'about memory and what we forget, and the construction of history as layers of narrative.'" Quoted from link

Blue Sweetheart Neck Floral Dress by Nora Noh

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