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Costumes of the Joseon dynasty


The Beauty From Korea by JINSUK OH at


Dang-ui (당의, 唐衣), knee-length jacket, open at the sides, for court-wear. Silk brocade fabric with purple breast ties. From the reign of King Seonjo (ruled 1567-1608). Important Folklore Material 57. It is decorated with the characters for 'long life', 'happiness' and the patterns of the seven treasures, pomegranates peonies on a light brown ground.

Jignyeongp’o This robe-like clothing first appeared during the Koryo period (918-1392) and was worn by low-level government officials. From the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910), the clothes were also worn by commoners.

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South Korean museum - Joseon hnabok display

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