2000 касет

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soap bubbles floating in the air near a christmas tree and window sill with snow on it
a collage of photos with cats, an old tape recorder, and a person holding a guitar
an altered photograph of a woman holding a flower in front of her face and surrounded by other images
the words are in russian and english, but not in english or greek on this page
2000 кассет, на которых крутится вишнёвое лето фф
a close up of a bicycle tire with stars on the spokes and an electronic device attached to it
Preschool 2003: Photo
there are many items left out on the ground to be used as art and crafts
two pictures one is black and white, the other has blue ink on it's face
lix!! ☼︎
a collage of pictures and other items including an old radio, tape recorder, star stickers, and paper stars
a woman is looking up at the camera in front of a room with many things on it
tg: driedfloweers
two hands with different designs on them
Кристина Скрежет