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black and white photograph of sea shells
Magnum Photos’ Square Print Sale celebrates happy accidents
For one week only, Magnum Photos' $100 Square Print Sale returns to celebrate unexpected moments and happy accidents
three different types of objects are shown in this image, including an object that appears to have been made out of clay
Tit (Isis knot) amulet | New Kingdom | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an orange bracelet is shown next to a black and white photo with the same design on it
The Brand Identity – Graphic Design’s Greatest
For many designers, mention a self-initiated project and you’d be quick to conjure images of publications, posters or other printed formats. However, London-based studio Two Times Elliott have opted for a different approach, looking to the conceptual and speculative. Charmed takes the form of jewellery – intricately researched and designed charm bracelets, to be precise. Following on from their guest article, we were curious to understand it further, speaking to the Two Times Elliott team about
three plates with forks and spoons sitting on top of each other in front of a white wall
17.24US $ 25% OFF|Ceramic Coffee Cup Plate Set | Tableware Korean Plate | Korean Style Tableware - Simple - Aliexpress
a silver coin with the letter e on it and various food items in front of it
New "quintessentially British" 10p coins celebrate the full English breakfast and queueing
New “quintessentially British” 10p coins celebrate the full English breakfast and queueing