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a man riding a skateboard down a street next to a tall metal fence with trees in the background
restoration-landscape-architecture-florence-cultural-heritage-07 « Landscape Architecture Platform
a person walking in front of an artistic sculpture
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an outdoor cooking area is shown from above, with the stove in place on the ground
좋은 화목난로 제작하기...^^
좋은 화목난로 제작하기...^^ : 네이버 블로그
a vase made out of different colored tiles
Ute Grossmann
Ute Grossmann : 네이버 블로그
a metal bird is hanging on the wall with a fork in it's mouth
Stainless Steel Bird. Created by J.R.Hamm. This art sculpture was made using recycled scrap metal and cutlery.
Dao, Bricolage, Fasion, Kayu, Knife, Sanat, Axe Handle