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2013 Medici Cosmetics Hanbok Haute Couture Collection

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heart 1 We pursues something more than mere ‘beautiful face’. We thought hard to create new dimension of beauty, going beyond traditional notion of cosmetics. Container for beauty should be beautiful as well, so we treat bottles and jars as pieces of art, making them more beautiful collaborating with artists, fashion designers and other experts in the field(...)

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heart 1 Medici Cosmetics Milano "Artist Collection" Toh Moon Hee Exhibition [Medici movement] "Medici x Mecenat - The quiz of famous painting" 1.Edwin Austin Abbey - Castle of the maidens, 1901 (일부) 2.Frederick Leighton - Flaming june by frederick leighton, 1895 3.Albert Herter - Woman with red hair , 1894 4.Edwin Austin Abbey - Richard, duke of gloucester, and the lady anne, 1896 (일부)

heart 1 [Medici movement] "Medici x Mecenat - The quiz of famous painting" 1. Rising Road - Gustave Caillebotte 2. Summertime - Mary Stevenson Cassatt 3. Picnic in May - Pal Szinyei Merse 4. The Little Anglers - Alexander Mark Rossi [Medici editorial] "Medici 4th Auction" [Medici editorial] "Medici 3rd Auction" [Medici editorial] "Medici 2nd Auction" [Medici editorial] [Medici editorial]