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someone is tying their shoes with laces
𝗴𝗮𝗺𝗲 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 ; hxh x f.reader - 0.03
Architecture, Concept Art, Pixel Art, Environment Concept Art, Building Concept, Building Art, Environment Concept, Game Concept Art
Abandoned Environment Illustration, josh godin
a man kneeling down on the ground next to a building
A Civilization Separated by Manholes (Published 2014)
Designing a Fantastical World for 'The Boxtrolls' -
a drawing of a city with buildings and a plane flying over the building's roof tops
Andre Rochá
three drawings of boats in the water
Pen & Ink
Architectural Capriccio, Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal)
four different colored pencil drawings of buildings and trees in front of each other, with one tree growing out of the building
Sketches | Stephen Gardner
Illustrator: Stephen Gardner
an aerial view of a city with lots of slats on the roofs and buildings
Character Design References
Art by Teikoku Shônen a.k.a Imperial Boy* • Blog/Website | ( .......... ) ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( invites you to support the Artists and Studios featured here by buying this and other artworks in their official online stores • Find us on | and learn more about #concept #art #animation #anime #comics || ★
a painting of a tree with green leaves on it's branches and the words, mother
48 Tree Clipart - Trees Images Free!
Antique Clip Art - Beautiful Tree - The Graphics Fairy
four different views of the same building and its surrounding area are shown in three separate layers
花瓣网-场景建筑 游戏素材 CG图集-淘宝网
game bg
several different types of boats are shown in this graphic art workflowe, including one boat
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Modular organization concepts
a futuristic city with lots of tall buildings
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Down town Picture (2d, architecture, concept art, level design, location, cyberpunk)
a drawing of a building with lots of windows and balconies on the side
buiding from Cathair color by ~Catell-Ruz
a painting of a small town by the water with trees and buildings on each side
Despicable Me 2 Sets Colors
monsieur clement: Despicable Me 2 Sets Colors
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and colorfully painted signs