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My Values

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What's important to me, inspires me and what I'm generally interested in.

Much as I love raving, I value my long mornings more. I like to wake up around six AM and enjoy a leisurely three hours with my Nespresso, cooked breakfast, cleaning the house and working on my novel before cycling to the office. This means on week nights I normally go to bed at ten or eleven and save the late, late party nights for the weekend.

I love my job as an E-commerce Product Manager which involves running a photo studio with product reporting for buying. I really enjoy the structure of a 10 to 6:30 Monday to Friday job with my free time as exactly that, free to do what I like.

I really value dressing up and taking pride in my appearance. Any sort of formal occasion I wear a tie (like at this wedding last summer) and in my work life I love a good blazer at the least.

I love eating. All things associated with food are very high on my priorities (cooking, trying out new restaurants, snacking, etc.)

I love being active and a big part of that is cycling to work, it really gets my head and energizes me at the start and end of the day.

I love dancing. In my opinion there is no point going to a party and standing by the wall and trying to look cool. If you don't leave drenched in sweat it wasn't a good night.

Further on my agricultural origins I love horses. My mom rode when she was pregnant so it's always been in my blood and I continue to do it bi weekly at a stable in Northwood in London despite the large costs and giving up most of my Sunday.

I'm really close to my family even though we live thousands of miles apart though we stay in touch by iMessage and Facetime and we try to all get together twice a year (Christmas and the summer). Here are my brothers and I this summer at The Warren County Fair showing our family's Holstein Fresians.

My childhood was a wonderful (and as time goes on more and more idyllic) one growing up on a family owned dairy farm in Pennsylvania and I often draw on this period for inspiration with my writing and think about the contrast with my current metropolitan life. I'm really thankful to have had that experience most people could never imagine that has given me a unique perspective on life and society. (Ok, I'll stop gushing).

Travel is one of my main interests and sources of inspiration. Most of my friends share this passion and we go away at least once a month. Here I am this spring in Petra, Jordan.