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an old brick building filled with lots of books
Busan Used Book Alley
an aerial view of a city at night with lots of traffic on the road and buildings in the background
Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea
a woman preparing food at an outdoor market
Dongdaemun Market, Seoul, Korea Times Square, Korea Trip, Marketing, Quick Saves
Dongdaemun Market, Seoul, Korea
an old black and white photo of people walking down a street with mountains in the background
for those who love South Korea - on hiatus
a man standing next to a cart full of fruit on a sidewalk near a street
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Dongdaemun, the old East Gate of Seoul, South Korea. The market here is fabulous! Our favorite place was the building that housed sewing supplies, including three or four whole floors devoted to fabric. We bought our silk there a lot because it was cheap. (We also bought silk in Daegu, which is the textile city.)
the full moon is setting over an old building in japan, and it's lights shine brightly on the roof
Moon over Dongdaemun #korea