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Tim Sormin: Game Animation Reel

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Christopher Cox Animation Reel 2014

Music: Negrosaki - "False Armageddon Battle Theme" Animation breakdown: KEYFRAMED -All "Fallen", "Hive", "Cabal", and "Vex" animations. -"Player" sword attacks and run cycle. (prototype animations) MOTION CAPTURE CLEAN-UP: -Female Warlock walk-in intro. -Female Awoken/Human dance. -Player crouch walk cycles.

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Michael Cuevas anim orc attack side

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Game Animation Portfolio 2013

This is my latest reel.

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Game Animation Reel 2016

Game Animation Reel 2016 on Vimeo

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Daniel Alexander - Lisa Combo attack on Vimeo

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Animation JCKoo(2012)

Animation JCKoo(2012) on Vimeo

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Kevin Rucker God of War Reel

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Tom Saville - Halo: REACH Showreel

Hey Everyone Here is my latest Game Demo Reel, I hope you like it.