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a large white house with columns on the front
Music Videos Where Architecture Is the Star
Music Videos Where Architecture Is the Star
two people are walking along the side of a narrow cliff face with a waterfall in the background
El Chorro, Spain. One of the most dangerous pathways.
an ornate building with many stairs and chandeliers
Sail Away Around the World’s Best Sailing Zone: Yacht Charter Croatia | GloHoliday
Amazing Interior - Opera Garnier, Paris | Incredible Pictures
a clock tower lit up at night with snow on the ground and trees in front
Cathedral by Mihăilescu Mihaela / 500px
Beautiful Orthodox Cathedral, Timisoara, Romania,
the inside of a cathedral with stained glass windows and pews on either side of the navel
Ely Cathedral - Cambridgeshire
Ely Cathedral - Cambridgeshire, UK by nick.garrod, via Flickr
an aerial view of a busy city street
Opera , Paris This is the backside of the Opera house and we got lost here after closing down Galleries Lafayette! Look at all the directions one could go! Wished we would have had a compass that night! Hardly anyone around to help us. Panic! .....
an ornate building with stairs leading up to the second floor and two statues on either side
The Hermitage houses Catherine the Great's art collection. St. Petersburg, Russia.
an arch in the middle of a street with people walking under it and buildings around
Rouen: rue du Gros - Horloge
Rouen: rue du Gros - Horloge
the spires and towers of an old building are all made of stone with intricate carvings on them
Spires of The Duomo, Milan, Italy
the building is very large and has many trees in front of it, as well as an awning for shade
LCR Architectes clads French middle school with tarnished copper
French middle school clad with tarnished copper panels.
an ornate building with many windows and statues
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France