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an intricate design with blue dots in the middle is featured on a white background and has text that reads 74 middle dots sk rangoli
a drawing of a flower on the ground
an intricately designed design on the ground
Simply beautiful Rangoli
Beautiful Rangoli simpal designed
a pink background with white designs on the bottom and bottom part of the image, which appears to be an ornamental motif
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9 to 1 dots flower kolam #kolamdigitally #kolam #rangoli #muggulu
a pencil drawing on lined paper with an image of a flower and two smaller flowers
the pattern is drawn on paper with black ink and has four different shapes in it
an apple tree is shown with four leaves and three apples in the shape of a triangle
a drawing of a cake with candles on it and the words 3, 5, 8, 7, 12, 11, straight dots from bottom
an image of a drawing with the words 8 to 8 straight dots written on it