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7. Sorting seaweed for food, Korea. ©1903 C.H. Graves. Library of Congress


Print of 'Mat Weaving' an original work painted by Kim Hong Do (1745 - 1815?).during the Chosun Dynasty

A traditional home out beyond the village | 1973, Gary Stevens

OLD KOREA - LAND OF THE MORNING CALM -- Sticks, Mud, Rock, and Rope. Building a Home in SEOUL - Photo by HERBERT G. PONTING, 1903.

Japanese boat-builders on the beach at Fusan, Korea in 1903.

사진으로 보는 1910년대의 한반도 : 화보 : 포토 : 한겨레

사진으로 보는 1910년대의 한반도 : 화보 : 포토 : 한겨레