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someone is decorating a heart shaped cake with white frosting and pink flowers on it
Korean vintage cake 1988s
korean drama - reply 1988
an old christmas card with cakes and flowers on the front, in different designs from around the world
昭和レトロなクリスマスケーキ - 昭和レトロ生活
昭和レトロなクリスマスケーキ - 昭和レトロ生活
an old japanese cookbook with many decorated cakes
an advertisement for christmas wreaths from the 1960s
6 cute retro Christmas cake decorating ideas from the '80s - Click Americana
an advertisement for cakes from the 1950's showing different types of cakes and other desserts
an illustration of different types of cakes on plates
a long table filled with lots of cakes and desserts
Muchacho Potato !
#fanciful #party #pastel #bake #shoppe #tea #party #alice #princess
an old fashioned christmas card with many different cakes and desserts on the front page
Jacobi Hobby & Creatief.
Jacobi Drachten
an old advertisement from the 1950's shows what it looks like to have been made into a platter
Photos of dishes from the Seventies cause hilarity on Twitter
an old advertisement for carnation milk with a cake on the plate and other desserts
Carnation Jelly Whip. This looks like something Queen Elizabeth could have worn to her coronation. The color is troubling. Food is not supposed to be blue.
an article in the magazine shows how to make a pumpkin pie with mushrooms and other ingredients
Retro Cooking: 1980’s Halloween Jell-O Salad
Retro Cooking: I tried a 1980’s Halloween Jell-O Salad
Kraft American Cheese in Treatwich-in-the-Round (1966)
American cheese singles: What's in them & the history of 'processed cheese food product' - Click Americana
Kraft American Cheese in Treatwich-in-the-Round (1966)
a birthday card with a cake on a plate and the words thank you written in black ink
an illustration of a pink cake with candles on it and other items around the cake
From my reference library - "How to Decorate a Cake"