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The Only Way to Find Out Who Truly Cares and Loves You for You - Tiny Buddha
the night sky is filled with stars and words
Morgan Harper Nichols
the words i don't set out to be different, i set out to be me people think it's different
30+ Being Different Quotes with Images | Famous Be Unique Quotes | Insbright
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Stay Weird
#Life is too #short to be normal. #StayWeird ❤️
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15 Quotes That Prove You Can Love Your Sensitivity
Do you experience heightened sensitivity? Here are 15 quotes that prove why a highly sensitive person should always love their unique gifts.
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the words being different isn't a bad thing it means you're brave enough to be yourself
In all three texts, I notice a pattern in finding ourselves. In Genesis we are encouraged to be unique individuals and to learn from our mistakes. And that is what makes us who we are. In Persepolis, Marji goes through phases and different beliefs to find her true self. In the Epic, Gilgamesh finds himself to be more kind after mourning a death of close friend and changes his ways for the better.
an image with the quote they laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at them because they're all the same
32 amazing, true and inspiring quotes
Be different
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February 18, 2022
a brown background with the words everyone doesn't have to know everything, do your thing and be content