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Posters for Japan

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A collection of posters about the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

Source: Yossi Lemel - "Fukushima Mon Amour". Like a rising sun above the water, yet damaged by it, it bleeds and dissolves like a pill. "My Beloved Fukushima" is written above, expressing sorrow and shock when coupled with the image below.


Source: Project Senbazuru by Jessica Moon. Several well-known Japanese symbols are represented: the red sun, the paper cranes, and the wave, which could either be from Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" or the tsunami. The cranes are symbol of hope, and thereby the tsunami, though a destructive force, is redeemed and transformed, or rebuffed by the thousand cranes ("senbazuru") as it crashes against the red sun.


Source: Daniel Freytag - "JAPAN 14.46 11.03 2011". A very clever, almost infographic-like depiction of the force of the earthquake, with the epicentre look like the red sun symbol. The message is simply, in itself, data, stating the facts (date and time), yet its banality and objectiveness seems to provoke strong emotional response due to the significance of those data.


Tears for Japan

Source: Tears for Japan, Trendland website. Red is the common colour theme in many of these posters, most recognisable for Japan, here transformed into a symbol for aid and charity. It is also blood-like, further reinforcing the human tragedy and sense of injury.


Source: Paul Vickers - "Love Japan, Help Japan". The love heart symbol cleverly becomes a typographic style, spelling out "Japan" and creates a hopeful, charitable mood.


Source: Renan Valadares - "127.560.000 > 8,9". Alluding to the earthquake, the red sun is blurred as if shaken, with the words below reinforcing this theme, being a measurement of the the force of the earhquake.


Source: Timur York - "Support Japan". The symbol becomes a love heart, another simple but effective idea. It is interesting that two generations ago, the red sun symbol inspired very different emotions and ideas.


Source: Maxim Barkhatov - "Help Japan". Japan is superimposed on the red cross symbol for aid and charity. Effective and simple.


Source: Steve Schiavello - "Help Restore Japan". Another more explicitly violent piece, the blood splatter being more prominent, even though the texture of the red sun is more like crumpled paper or cloth. More visceral and provokes stronger emotions.


Source: Leukocyt - "Help Japan". It looks a little violent and disturbing, more explicit because of the debris on the side which looks like a blood splatter because of the colour. Perhaps a little too unsubtle, but effective nonetheless.