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an ancient figurine is displayed on a white background
Seated Mother Goddess | Pakistan (Baluchistan) | Indus civilization, Mehrgarh style | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Seated Mother Goddess Period: Indus civilization, Mehrgarh style Date: 3000–2500 B.C. Culture: Pakistan (Baluchistan) Medium: Terracotta
an image of a woman with wings on her body and stars in the sky above
Sacred State by Cristina McAllister
Sacred State by Cristina McAllister
a painting of a woman on the ground with stars in the sky above her head
The Star oil on canvas, 2013 large painting
a woman's face with the moon above her head, surrounded by circles and swirls
Moon Goddess - 2016 by karmym | Redbubble
Moon Goddess - 2016 by #Karmym
the poster for goddesss and gentlemen, which features an image of two hands holding each other
Cerridwen is the keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge. She is both Great Mother Goddess and Crone. Her powers influence change, rebirth and transformation in both the physical and spiritual realms. Cerridwen with her ability to prophesize brings forth intelligence, inspiration and wisdom. Her cauldron possesses sacred knowledge and represents the womb from which all life comes.
an advertisement with the words goddess affirma written in black and gold on it
Greek Goddess of wisdom, philosophy, strategy, strategic warfare, strength, handcrafts (especially weaving), horses, vehicles, courage, inspiration, creativity, intelligence, civilization, personal strength, justice and skill.
the instructions for how to make polymer nails with plastic tips and glue on them are shown
How to make a goddess pendant
How to make a #Goddess Pendant with #Polymer Clay #DIY #Fimo #Wicca #magic #craft
a painting of a woman holding a cat in her arms and wearing a headdress
Jugando con la mitología… Chie Toshii (吉井千恵)
# "Hemera" by Chie Yoshii. In greek mythology Hemera (Ἡμέρα- day) was the goddess of daytime and one of the greek primordial deities. She is the personification of day and the daughter of Erebus, god of darkness, and Nyx, goddess of the night.
symbols of the triple goddesss
Just some of the symbols used around the world.
four different colored pictures of women with flowers in their hair and bellys, one is wearing
4-in-1 Indian Dancer Woman Artwork, Indian Goddesses, Polyptych - Etsy
India Kuan Yin Kali Asian Goddess Woman Fantasy Art by evitaworks, $18.00