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Without the paper or the cloth, this bad boy wraps around itself with zero folds.

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Y002 <レザーレースハンガー> 木と革ひもをつないだだけのとてもシンプルな構成。… 고무로 된 줄이 옷의 형태에 따라 자리를 잡아서 옷걸이에 옷의 형태가 유지 되는 것이 아니라 옷에의해 옷걸이의 형태가 미세하게 변한다

i-drop, el aplicador de gotas oculares que facilita su aplicacion #medicina #ojo #farmacia #YankoDesign

Power Under Water! Read more at Yanko Design

Up & Down Box is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Up & Down Box is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

INOVATION_ to introduce something new or make changes in something established.

Percha con diseño futurista - Unique product design Futuristic Clothes Hanger

NASAs new robot is designed to bounce and roll across rough terrain | News: NASA is developing robots made from a tensile system of interlocking rods and cables that can transform from flat components into a ball shape then tense and flex to roll around the surface of planets.

La tapa de la botella de lágrima. Su diseño ergonómico permite una fácil apertura.

The Nu-Drip saline bag design is so well designed in such a blatantly obvious way, I’m a little dumbfounded that no one has ever thought of it before. Saline bags come with various paraphernalia that really don’t add to the portability of the solution. You tend to associate the saline bag with that cumbersome metal pole upon which it hangs. In no way does that appear even remotely functional to me. #Medical #YankoDesign