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Daenggi 1 by Glimja on deviantART

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흑요석South Korean illustrator Obsidian (also known as Huk-yo-suk)

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Girl Dol Hanbok Shoes (고무신) - 2 colors

Married Women's hair style (1) by Glimja on deviantART

Norigae is the most famous accessory of Hanbok, which hung from the ribbon of Jeogori (Goreum). It is basically comprised of a string + decorative knots + jewelry + a tasse...

Norigae by on @deviantART - artist also has more sketches on traditional Korean styling

"Tteoguji" was a butterfly-shaped wooden accessory for palace ladies' ceremony event - like a royal wedding. But in fact, the queen and other high-level royal ladies had to use Tteoguji even in nor...

Gat , a traditional head gear for Joseon males. (From left to clockwise) Jangbogwan; Heukgeon ; Wongwan (Scholar’s headdress); Jeongjagwan (Men’s indoor headdress) (Korea University Museum)

Joseon bun. If your hair isn't this long, note that the model is using a paranda to add length and thickness.