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an outdoor food cart is set up in the parking lot
Neighborhood Coffee Cart | Pop-up Event
Cultivating Connection through Craft Coffee! Had such a great day at the closet sale with Nextdoor Life. Book for your next event now!
Balcão portátil desmontável
Balcão portátil: beleza e praticidade em um único produto. Pode ser transportado no porta-malas do carro. Dimensões montado: 60x120cm e 84cm de altura. Disponível no site Acesse e pesquise por BALCÂO WhatsApp (18) 9-8155-3070 Rua Marechal Deodoro, 696 Araçatuba-SP.
Disassembling A Mobile Cart
a white counter sitting on the side of a building next to a tree and bushes
Coffee Catering
the coffee cart is decorated with bows on it's front and back sides, along with other items
Cute coffee cart for events
Cute coffee cart for private events and brand activations
a wooden counter topped with candles next to a vase filled with flowers and an espresso machine
A Black Wedding Cake with Light and Airy Minimalist Decor for Early Spring
Espresso Bar for a Brunch Wedding
DIY MINI SIGN FROM THE DOLLAR TREE!! So perfect for vendor markets and pop up shops!!🤗💗🌈
four different pictures of wooden pallets on a deck
DIY Portable DJ Booth or Bar
Difficulty: Medium Here is a simple way to create a portable dj booth; which can also be used as a Bar. Supplies • 1x4 slats / Qty: 12 (Lowes or Homedepot) (cost about $40) • Drill • Miter Saw or Circular Saw • 1 1/4 inch drywall screws with the fine thread, its prevents the wood slats from splitting • 4 hinges (total cost of screws and hinges about $20 USD) • I cut 8 slats at 40" • Second set of slats I cut in half @ 18.5" for the sides of the booth (this allows the side to close) • Up to you on how much space between the slats in assembly. • For the flush counter top I left a gap at the top slat to lay the counter • Measure 7 slats at 35 (use these vertically) • Start construction from the bottom, Horizontal slat flush with the vertical slats • At the top place a slat
Amazon pop up event favorites
Amazon finds for small business pop up events!
two white storage cabinets sitting next to each other in front of garage doors with red arrows pointing towards them
Building A Collapsible Coffee Cart
an outdoor bar is set up with umbrellas and other items for sale on the table
Edgy coffee cart