dröm chirstmas gift guide 2014

Our Christmas gift guide 2014! All the products are available at our physical store, and only some are available at our online store. http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/
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Xmas gift idea: Botanical 2015 calendar. Comes with a wooden stand to display each pop up calendar. http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/product/botanical-calendar-2015

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Arctic series brooches by Hug A Porcupine. http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/

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Brighten up any festive season with this garland by Swedish illustrator – Ingela P. Arrhenius. Great for decorating your Christmas tree! http://thelittledromstore.bigcartel.com/product/amusement-park-garland-by-ingela

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叫水了没有?Kopitiam brooches! http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/

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Xmas gift idea: Set of Moomin figurines! Loads of Moomin goodies just flown in from Finland, just in time for Xmas.

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Xmas gift idea: Post a 3D Snoopy & Woodstock card! Also available are Charlie Brown, Lucy & Sally. http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/product/snoopy

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Puggy necklaces! Available in 2 sizes! Papa pug and baby pug.

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Swan brooch by Hug A Porcupine, and porcelain swan necklaces from Scotland. http://shop.thelittledromstore.com/category/hug-a-porcupine

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Xmas gift idea: Moomin beanie and plush!

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Xmas gift guide: Set of 4 Moomin plastic cups. New in store!

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