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Diagram showing evolution of the jeogori over time. Upper left is ca. 1509-1850, while upper right is 1584-1654. Lower left is ca. 1664-1722 and lower right is ca. 1818-1879. From the article "Joseon women's jacket length 300 years" by Heo Yunhui.

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Gat , a traditional head gear for Joseon males. (From left to clockwise) Jangbogwan; Heukgeon ; Wongwan (Scholar’s headdress); Jeongjagwan (Men’s indoor headdress) (Korea University Museum)

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royal hanbok | Korean royal women cosutme in Joseon dynasty "dangui hanbok"

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress]

Jjokjin Meori (쪽진 머리) is probably the most classic Korean hairstyle, since the hairdo can be seen to this day. Jjokjin meori was for married women, formed by first parting and holding down the front part of the hair and then tying the hair into a bun in the back of the neck.

And this is why I need at least one Asian outfit for SCA events. Even the best of medieval European hairstyles in that time period were just not this awesomely ornate. Joseon hairstyles.